Do you find yourself feeling stuck?


I can help you clarify your thoughts and feelings, then guide you in taking steps toward a more hopeful and healthy future.

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Individual adult psychotherapy

Think about that closet in your house that you have been shoving boxes, clothes and papers in for the last few years. Do you ever think about organizing it but the thought is too overwhelming? You would have to take everything out and sort through it all piece by piece. It might feel like the mess gets worse before it starts to look better. However, along the way you might find precious items you forgot you had, things that made you who you are or that you’re excited to start using again. In the end, after investing some time and work, you can put everything back in its place in a way where you can see things clearly and use them as they were intended. I think of counseling like cleaning out that closet. You will look at many aspects of your life, both past and present, and sort through what serves you to keep and what you can discard. You will gain skills to cope with difficult situations and an understanding of the many strengths you already hold inside you. Although this process can be challenging at times, you will not be doing it alone. I will be there with you every step of the way, helping you gain insight into your thoughts, emotions and behaviors, which will ultimately allow you to make adjustments to live a more fulfilling and happy life.


therapy for children & adolescents 

Do you remember being 12? Wasn’t that just the most confusing time to be alive? Both boys and girls are constantly bombarded with unrealistic expectations set by the media and even well meaning members of their community. Combine that with a number of other obstacles, including parental divorce, academic struggles, peer drama, dating, or trauma, and it is clear that our youth need support. Children and adolescents face a unique set of challenges and I would be honored to work with your family to support your child as they navigate their world. The world of neuroscience is growing so rapidly and our understanding of why kids and teens think and behave the way they do is becoming more clear. This gives us the tools to better support our children through this challenging stage of life. There is so much hope for our children’s future and I am so grateful to be part of a process that allows them to thrive as they grow.